Simmer Style Race Slalom Uusi malli tulossa 2023

 Entistäkin kevyempi Aurelio Verdin sheippaama huippu race slalom lauta.

Aurelio Verdin sheipeillä on voitettu enemmän PWA Slalom MM- titteleitä kuin kenenkään muun sheipeillä. 


Damien Arnoux voitti nuorten IFCA MM kilpailut Simmerin 3SX laudalla ja SCR purjeilla.

Damienin huippunopeus kilpailussa oli 9.2m2 SCR purjeella ja 3XS 136L laudalla yli 35kts!

 Zara Davis on voitti Simmer Style SCR purjeilla, 3SX ja Demon laudoilla Speed Mailmanmestaruuden ja saavutti merimailinnopeuden mailmanennätyksen ja 500m nopeuden mailmanennätyksen!

Ovh: TBA

Kysy tarjous ja hyppää mukaan hyväntuulen kisatiimiin!

G4 3XS V2

We are proud to announce the release of the 3XS V2!

In 2018 Damien Arnoux proved that the shapes are built for top result on the slalom course, by winning first the IFCA Youth World Championships and the IFCA European Youth Championships.  Designed by Aurelio Verdi who needs no introduction with over 20 world slalom titles to his name. For 2019 we have therefor introduced  some refinements to the boards, simply because they are so good already.

  • We moved the strap positions slightly more out towards the rail to increase the power transfer. between the board and the sailor.
  • Reduced weight on graphics, finish and pads.
  • New size, 80 L for speed / slalom conditions.

The Simmer 3XS V2 features some radical shaping concepts to provide a perfect balance between control extreme acceleration and top-end speed. All necessary to win any slalom race. The outline is crafted to give to the board maximum control so you can push the board hard. With a step tail configuration the 3XS jibes extremely smoothly and re-starts quickly while also maintaining control in high speeds. The outline becomes more parallel towards the middle to keep a wider nose which is important to generate early planing. The carefully constructed rocker-line is crafted for the highest top speed possible and superb release under the foot. Each size features a unique rocker-line and  volume distribution. We have done extensive testing in all types of conditions in order to achieve the unique feeling with each of the sizes. They are extremely fast and remain controlled in all conditions. The dual step cut-away shapes reduces the water contact area while producing  the same lift, while the fin gains traction and the board locks on to its fin. Effectively the tail can handle all the power you can throw at it. Minimal drag for maximum speed, with maintained control.


  • Concave from tail to nose with small double concave between the foot and mast truck
  • Narrow outline with rounded tail make faster and easy to jibe
  • No concave in the deck
  • More drawn out scoop line in the nose in compared with the 96 for maximum speed.
  • Longer length for higher straight forward speed.
  • Superb stability with no need for cut outs.
96 L //  HIGH WIND
  • V from tail to nose with a subtle double concave.
  • Parallel outline with a rounded tail to make the boards really efficient.
  • Deck concave more forward focused than other boards because the concave is in balance with the flat section of the rocker curve in the bottom.
  • Deck concave for stiffness and added control.
  • Due the to rocker line and deck concave the 96 has a longer rail in the water, which effectively makes the boards faster with more control.
  • Less tail cut-out on the 96 L to create a balanced lift in all conditions.
106 L and 116 //  MEDIUM WIND
  • Progressive V-hull, with a climax of the V at the middle.
  • Parallel rails in the middle of the outline for maximum speed and a narrow tail for smooth gibing and high top-end speed.
  • Deck concave for stiffness and added control.
  • The deck concave from the front foot.
  • Less section of flat rocker compared to the 96 L, this means that the rails and the tail start to work earlier.
  • Dual level cut-out in tail.
  • Less surface in the water even thou the outline is wider outline for earlier planing.
  • The cut-out also allow the rider transfer all the power possible into the tail without loosing control
126 L and 136 //  LIGHT WIND
  • Shorter and wider than the smaller sizes.
  • Scoop line if flat from tail to front foot, then a smooth curve to the nose.
  • V-shape begins at cut-outs with a climax at the center with a deep V.
  • Extremely early planing.
  • Small winger before back foot to help exit from gybes in full speed.
  • Depp dual cut-out for water release.

For extreme stiffness the bottom  features 30 degree Bias Carbon and PVC sandwich and for strength the deck features 45 degree Bias Carbon with double PVC sandwich for durability. For optimal load distribution and durability the construction features a PVC stringer in the spine of the boards. The rails are re-enforced with direction carbon to create optimal stiffness to weight ratio. We have shaved off every possible gram using a thinner layer of brushed paint. The  artwork is applied with water-based tattoo stickers, very light-weight with beautiful bold colors. Even the non-slip has been reduced where it is not needed.

ZARA DAVIS Speed mailmanmestari, Speed Mailmanennätys 500m ja Speed Mailmanennätys 1 merimaili

DAMIEN ARNOUX IFCA Youth Mailmanmestari